Religious Observance

Halal Menu Options

We serve a variety of of Halal dishes in the Olive Branch micro restaurants at both South Quad (Central Campus) and Bursley (North Campus) dining halls. The Halal meats we use in these dishes come from our trusted partners and certified Halal providers in the Detroit metro area.

To quickly identify Halal options, look for this emblem icon-halal on our online, digital and dining hall menus.

Ramadan Options

Meal plan credits OR additional To-Go Meals are offered to those students whose religious observance requires a special diet during holidays. Please complete the online form.

  • Muslim students with meal plans who wish to observe Ramadan may choose one of the following options:
    • Suspend your meal plan for the duration of Ramadan for Spring semester, Summer semester or both. For 2017, a $20.20 credit for each day will be applied to your meal plan account as Dining Dollars. Spring-credited Dining Dollars can only be used during Ramadan and will expire after June 23rd. Summer-credited Dining Dollars can only be used during Ramadan and will expire after June 25th.
    • Increase the number of To-Go Meals (order by 4:00 pm through Mosher-Jordan dining for next day pick-up) included on your meal plan during Ramadan.
  • The Muslim Community Association (2301 Plymouth Road) provides free dinner to Muslim students every night during Ramadan. For more information, contact them at 734-665-6675 or
  • If you are visiting the University of Michigan to attend a camp or conference, accommodations can be made by contacting a conference coordinator.
  • If you need additional information, contact

Kosher Meal Plan

Michigan Dining partners with the Hillel Foundation to offer students a Kosher Meal Plan option at the same price as a Basic Plan. The Kosher Meal Plan cannot be used at residential dining halls. For students who want to eat an occasional meal at Hillel, Blue Bucks are accepted. To learn more about Hillel, their dining policies, and to sign up for a Kosher meal plan visit Hillel’s website.

Passover Options

Meal plan credits are offered to students whose religious observance requires a special diet during holidays.

  • Each residential dining hall provides a variety of Passover foods such as matzo, gefilte fish, charoset, hard-boiled eggs and Passover desserts. (Please note that Michigan Dining does not maintain kosher kitchens. For more details, please contact a manager or chef at your dining location.)
  • Students with meal plans who elect not to dine in the residence halls for Passover may choose to eat their lunches and dinners at Hillel during the Passover holiday until April 18th. Once Passover ends, a $6.50 credit for each lunch and an $8.60 credit for each dinner will be applied to the student’s Blue Bucks account for meals paid for and eaten at Hillel. To sign up for Hillel Passover meals as well as two Seder meals, please register and pre-pay ( For reservation changes or meal questions, contact  or call their office at 734-769-0500.
  • Chabad House Student Center also serves meals throughout Passover. To sign up for Chabad Passover meals, please register and pre-pay or call 734-995-3276 for pricing and reservation details.
  • If you need additional information, contact