MGifts Fall Launch 2020

Michigan Dining Gift Package

An M Gift is the perfect gift for any occasion. And giving one couldn’t be easier. All come packaged in a reusable M gift bag. For a special treat, add an M Gift card!

Looking for something custom? We can help! Send an email to and the MGift team will be able to help build the perfect gift for you.

Bonus! When you send an M Gift, a percentage of the sale goes to support U-M student programs and campus facilities. Thank you!

M Gift Package Welcome to MichiganWelcome to Michigan! $90
Go Blue gear for your Wolverine. Includes a throw, umbrella, journal, key chain, pen, cellphone holder, bottled water, reusable water bottle, travel mug and house-made M|Dining granola. Gift card sold separately. 
Michigan Dining M Gift PackagesIt’s Show Time $28
Enough movie treats for you and all your friends. Includes two liters of soda, popcorn, Doritos, potato chips, and a selection of movie candy favorites.
M Gifts Gift Package Get Well Soon Get Well Soon $30
Help your student feel better faster with this collection. Includes soup and saltines, fresh fruit, cough drops, soda, True Blue bottled water, a reusable water bottle, tissues and hand sanitizer.
M Gifts Gift Package Study BreakStudy Break $28
A big selection of goodies to take the stress out of exams. Includes soda, crunchy snacks, assorted cookies and sweets, Pop Tarts and a Michigan travel mug.
M Gifts Gift Package HealthTo Your Health $30
This good-for-you collection includes fresh fruit, trail mix, oatmeal, Fig Newtons, an energy bar, True Blue bottled water, a variety of sweet and salty snacks and a reusable water bottle.
M Gifts Gift Package Thank YouThank You! $25
A welcome gift for your campus visitor. Includes 5 Michigan League notecards, a reusable water bottle, souvenir Block M latte mug and fresh granola from M|Dining. Gift card sold separately.

Let’s Celebrate! $30
Say Happy Birthday or Congratulations with a delicious 9-inch cheesecake or chocolate cake and donuts!

Let’s Celebrate Deluxe $45
Satisfy their sweet tooth on their special day! Includes a fresh 9-inch cheesecake or chocolate cake, Hostess Donettes and an assortment of candy.

Let’s Celebrate Premium $50
Surprise them with your choice of 9-inch cheesecake or chocolate cake and some sweet & salty snacks for their special day!

Let’s Celebrate Grand $55
Everything you’d want on your birthday! Choose from 9-inch cheesecake or chocolate cake and an assortment of snacks.

Sweet & Salty $30
Just enough to satisfy your cravings and fill you up! Featuring fresh fruit, crackers, cheese and nut mix.

Sweet & Salty Deluxe $50
Your favorite sweet & salty snacks plus fresh baked goods from the M|Bakery! Featuring fresh fruit, cheese, fresh-baked muffin and cookies, oatmeal cup and granola bar.

Sweet & Salty Premium $50
All the snacks you could want! Share with your roommate or keep it for yourself, we won’t tell. Featuring fresh fruit, cheese and crackers, popcorn, nut mix, gummies, pretzels and a fresh-baked cookie.

So Fresh So Clean $20
Stay clean with this hygiene pack. Featuring shampoo, razors, deodorant, and shaving cream.

So Fresh So Clean Deluxe $25
Bump up from the traditional package with a couple of sweet treats from M|Bakery!

So Fresh So Clean Premium $40
Now you’re clean and fueled! Featuring basic hygiene products and your favorite snacks. Order this one today and you won’t have to stop at the store!

Good Food Good Mood $20
Hungry? We’ve got you covered. This is the perfect pick me up when on the go! Featuring cheese and crackers, fresh fruit, M|Bakery baked goods, oatmeal cup, and a bag of granola.

Good Food Good Mood Deluxe $30
The basic package not enough? No problem! Upgrade to add hot tea and more! Featuring cheese and crackers, fresh fruit, M|Bakery baked goods, granloa bar, and nut mix.

Feel Better $30
Cold and flu season got you down? We’ve got you covered with this feel better pack! Featuring Advil, Dayquil, Nyquil, Claritin, Powerade, Blistex, hot tea and a reusable water bottle.

Feel Better Deluxe $65
Upgrade to the deluxe package and add a boost of vitamin C to get you feeling better in no time. Featuring Halls, Advil, Claritin, DayQuil, Niquil, Blistex, soap, hot tea, True Blue bottled water, and resuable water bottle.
What Every Kind Teacher Needs in the Classroom | PETA

Classroom Basics $30
Featuring paper clips, sticky notes, pencils, pens, tape, highlighters, markers,

Classroom Basics Deluxe $70
Featuring paper clips, sticky notes, pencils, pend, tape, highlighters, markers, True Blue bottled water, reusable water bottle and a Blue Book.

Wash Up $35
Get clean with this package featuring shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, toothbrush, mouth wash, deodorant and more! Build your own and pick 5 for $25.

Wash Up Deluxe $50
Upgrade with the Was Up Deluxe bag featuring all your favorites in the basic bag plus feminine hygiene products, shaving cream and razors.

Laundry Time $35
Everything you need to get those clothes clean! Featuring laundry detergent, fabric softener, Fabreeze and dish soap.

Go Shopping $30
You don’t even have to leave campus to get the basics! Featuring cleaning products, trash bags and storage bags!

Time for Lunch $20
Stock your room for when you just want to make something yourself. Featuring a package of sliced turkey, a bottle of mayo or ranch, a loaf of white or wheat bread, a fresh fruit cup, a bag of chips, and your choice of 2-liter soda.

Time for Lunch Deluxe $35
 Bulk up the basic package with the addition of a jar of peanut butter, a jar of jelly, a bag of chips, and True Blue bottled water. Pick 2 for $5 to build your own!

Warm Me Up $15
Featuring hot soup, box of crackers, True Blue bottled water, and fresh cookie. Build your own and pick 2 for $5.

Warm Me Up Deluxe $25
Featuring hot soup, box of crackers, True Blue bottled water, a reusable water bottle, your choice of a 2- liter, and fresh cookie.

Lemon Pepper Tuna Salad Lunch $12
Featuring tuna, box of crackers, bag of chips and True Blue bottled water. Add on your choice of 2 Liter for $3.

Health Nut $25
Featuring OH SNAP! pack, cauliflower pack, That’s It bar, Veggie Straws, and a True Blue bottled water. Add on your choice of 2 Liter for $3.

Chips + Guac $15
A classic combo you can share! Also includes queso dip, salsa and your choice of 2 Liter beverage.

Steve’s Mediterranean Favorites $20
Featuring our favorite local assorted hummus and salads, grape leaves and pita chips from Metro Detroit. Add on your choice of 2 Liter for $3. You can customize your bag with the 2 for $15 option!

Energy Boost $20
Stay energized with a True Blue bottled water, Body Armor, granola bars and Kar’s nut mix.

M|Bakery Showcase $20
Features a raspberry bar, s’more bar, M cookie, aMaize blue cupcake and your choice of milk. Upgrade to a gallon of milk for $5.

Post-Workout Snacks $20
Customize your bag with your choice of Body Armor, protein bars, and fresh fruit.
Post-Workout Snacks Deluxe $30
Bulk up your basic package with a True Blue bottled water and a reusable water bottle!

Smitten for the Mitten $25
All your favorite Michigan products! Featuring Kar’s nuts, Pop Daddy Popcorn, Sander’s bar, Traverse City dried cherries, Great Lakes chips, True Blue bottled water, Vernors, and Block M cookie. Yum!

Coffee Lover $12
Get your coffee essentials with a Block M latte mug, Peet’s ground coffee bag, Cliff coffee collection bar, and a fresh cappuccino muffin from the M|Bakery.

Chocolate Lover $25
A treat any chocolate lover would want! Featuring Muddy Buddies, chocolate covered pretzels, chocolate bar, and Oreo cookies. Upgrade to a gallon of milk for $5.

Chocolate Lovers Deluxe $35
All your chocolate favorites featuring Oreos, chocolate bar, chocolate covered pretzels, Muddy Buddies, a True Blue bottle water and reusable water bottle. Upgrade to a gallon of milk for $5.

Dried Snack Pack $30
Grab and go favorites! Dried apples, bananas, cherries, your choice of jerky, True Blue bottled water and a reusable water bottle. Customize your bag by choosing 4 for $15.

Pancake Breakfast $10
Whether you’re cooking for yourself or your roommate this package is perfect to have on hand in your home! Featuring pancake mix, a syrup bottle and milk. Upgrade to a gallon of milk for $5.

Oatmeal Breakfast $15
A breakfast staple featuring an oatmeal cup, cereal cup, milk and a breakfast bar. Upgrade to a gallon of milk for $5.

Italian Dinner $10
A Box of noodles, a jar of alfredo or marinara sauce, and breadsticks in this package make dinner easy!
Michigan Dining M Gift Gift CardGift Card $10, $20, or $50
An M Gift card is a thoughtful way to treat your student at any time of the year. These handy cards are accepted at more than 20 M cafes and markets across campus. Send just the card or add it to any M Gift. Order gift cards here.

Payment Options

We happily accept any major credit card. If you are a faculty or staff member and would like to use a U-M shortcode, please order here.

Order By

Place your order by 4:00 p.m. ET, a minimum of two business days in advance of the pick-up/delivery date. Pick-up/delivery dates are Monday through Friday at 5pm or later. Orders can be placed up to six days in advance of when you’d like the package to be ready.

Free Pick-Up

You may have your student pick up your M Gift at any of these locations. There is no charge when you choose this option.  

Central Campus Hill/Medical Campus North Campus
Bert’s Café at the Shapiro Library JavaBlu Café at the Taubman Library Fireside Café at Pierpont Commons
Café 32 Blue Cafe & Market Mosher-Jordan Mujo Café at the Duderstadt Center
Fields Café at Palmer Commons Darwin’s Blue Market at Pierpont Commons
JavaBlu Café at School of Public Health Blue Market at Bursley
Blue Cafe at East Quad
Blue Market at Munger
Maizie’s Kitchen and Market
Blue Cafe at South Quad
Blue Market at the Michigan Union


To cancel your order, and to receive a refund, we must receive your cancellation a minimum of 24 business-day hours in advance of your selected pick-up date. Please call 734-764-3000 to cancel your order.


Please contact us Monday through Friday, from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. We’re happy to answer any questions you may have or to assist you in placing an order.

Phone: 734-764-3000


Note: Michigan Dining reserves the right to replace the items included in any gift package with items of an equivalent type and value.