Dine In Reservations

Michigan Dining is transitioning to a limited capacity dine-in service offered at the following dining halls: North Quad, South Quad, East Quad, Mosher-Jordan, Bursley, and Markley. A dine-in reservation is required in order to be seated in the dining hall. Please note that our take-out options will still be offered and function the same.

Dining halls will be staggering their dine-in service openings as follows:

  • Date Here –  North Quad and Bursley
  • Date Here –  East Quad and Mosher-Jordan 
  • Date Here – South Quad and Markley


How to Make a Reservation

1. Select the dining hall where you’re looking to reserve a seat in
2. Select which zone of the dining hall you would like a seat in
3. Select a seat number, date, time, and reserve

By reserving a seat, you are agreeing to adhere to the following dine-in guidelines: masks can only been removed when patrons are seated, chairs cannot be moved from their 6ft spaced positions, and patrons cannot re-join the line for more food after being seated.

4. Make sure you receive a confirmation email showing your reservation

You will need this reservation confirmation to check in.

Make a Reservation


On the Day of Your Reservation & Dine-In Etiquette

  • Wear a face covering to the dining hall, complete your ResponsiBLUE screening on the day of your reservation, and be prepared to show your ResponsiBLUE green check at the host stand upon arrival.
  • Have your reservation confirmation ready to show to the seating area host.
  • Make sure to get to your reserved seat on time and don’t stay past your reservation time.
  • Get all of the food you need when going through the meal lines, because you will not be able to re-join the lines after arriving to the seating area.
  • If someone is at your confirmed seat, kindly show them your confirmation email.
  • Adhere to 6ft social distancing and do not move tables or chairs.
  • Only remove your face covering once you have sat in your reserved seat. If you get up from your seat you must put on your face covering.
  • Follow all posted rules and signs.

Safety Precautions

Michigan Dining is committed to keeping our students and staff safe and healthy. Our dine-in reservation system has been structured with safety at the forefront, and will implement the following protocol to limit customer-staff interactions and maximize sanitation efforts:

  • Dining halls will be divided into seating zones with seats pre-spaced 6ft apart. These seats cannot be moved.
  • Students are allowed 45 minutes to get their food and eat their meal. After this time the zone they are seated in will close for 30 minutes to be deep cleaned before it is re-opened as an available seating zone for the next guests.
  • Dining halls will function at approximately 20% capacity.
  • Every individual is now required to complete a ResponsiBLUE survey on the day of their reservation stating that they are free of any COVID-19 symptoms, and must display this verification at the host stand before entering the dining hall.
  • Meal plan holders who chose to dine-in are only allowed to remove their face covering once they are seated at their table.


Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I have to eat?
Each meal plan holder has 45 minutes to get their food and eat their meal. The zone they are seated in will then close after that 45 minute period and go through a 30 minute deep cleaning process before it is re-opened for the next time slot.
How full are the dining halls going to be?
The dining halls will function at approximately 20% seating capacity, with strict 6ft social distancing enforced throughout, and protocol to limit customer-staff interactions.
How many reservations can I book at a time?
Students are limited to booking one reservation per time slot.
Can I book a reservation for a group of people?
No, students are only able to make reservations on an individual basis. A group of friends may all make their own individual dine-in reservation for the same time slot, but will still have to adhere to the dining halls pre-spaced seating arrangement to follow social distancing measures. Seats in the dining hall cannot be moved.
Do I still have to swipe my MCard?
Yes, individuals with a dine-in reservation will still need to either swipe their MCard or scan the GET app for contactless entry into the dining halls. Those with reservations must also show their reservation confirmation to the seating area host.
Can I cancel my reservation?
Yes, meal plan holders can cancel up to 15 minutes before their reservation time. At the bottom of your reservation confirmation email, look for To cancel this booking and follow the link. You’ll need to log back into the system, and you will have the option to cancel an individual or all reservations.
What happens if I miss my reservation?
Meal plan holders are deducted one meal once their reservation is confirmed. If an individual does not show up for their reservation, they are not able to get a refunded meal swipe.