M|Dining To Go

New for 2021, Michigan Dining offers students with meal plans the ability to carry out select items from our new M|Dining To Go stations. The service can be used once a day, seven days a week. Our to-go stations are located at East Quad, South Quad, Mosher-Jordan, Bursley, and Twigs; and are open during brunch, lunch, and dinner.

Michigan Dining’s long-term to-go stations are committed to sustainability through the use of our new reusable to-go containers. Each student meal plan holder can now experience a sustainable carry-out service by temporarily “checking out” an environmentally-friendly container, which can then be returned to any dining hall after enjoying their meal.

How It Works

  • Upon entering the dining hall, student meal plan holders will let the greeter know that they are getting their meal to-go prior to swiping in for entry. A reusable container will then be electronically registered to their account.
  • Students will then visit the designated to-go station to pick out their favorite foods, fill their container accordingly, and enjoy their meal outside of the dining hall.
  • The used container can then be returned, with uneaten food and trash disposed of, to any dining hall to be checked in. Upon the return of their previously checked-out container, the student is eligible to carry out again for a future meal.

The M|Dining To Go Mission

Michigan Dining is committed to reducing our carbon footprint and supporting U-M’s sustainability goal of reducing waste sent to landfills by 40% by 2025. By providing student meal plan holders with reusable, environmentally safe, sustainable to-go containers we are able to decrease preventable waste volume from single-use containers, while still offering the flexibility of carry-out meals to our students.

About Our Containers

Our reusable containers are microwave, dishwasher, and food safe. They are 100% BPA-free and made of polypropylene. Each container undergoes industry-leading washing practices in accordance with all local, state and federal agency guidelines to ensure cleanliness for the next student’s use.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get an M|Dining To Go container?

Student meal plan holders will let the dining hall greeter know that they intend to take their meal to-go prior to swiping into the dining hall. The greeter can then electronically register a to-go container to their account.

How often can I utilize M|Dining To Go?

Students with Residential & Premium meal plans can enjoy to-go meals once a day seven days a week, permitting that their previously checked-out container has been returned. Students with Block meal plans can enjoy to-go meals with any of their meal swipes permitting that their previously checked-out container has been returned. Students with extenuating circumstances who may need more than one carry-out meal a day should contact mealplans@umich.edu.

Can I get a to-go meal from any dining hall station?

No. Each of the five participating dining halls will have a designated to-go station with rotating menu selections to appeal to many different dietary preferences.

What if I lose my container, or forget to bring it back before I want another to-go meal?

 If a student already has a container checked out and wants to participate in M|Dining To Go they must return their container or purchase a replacement for $10 before they are able to carry out again. Additional containers can be purchased with Dining Dollars or Blue Bucks.

Do I have to return my container to the same dining hall I checked it out from?

No. Our reusable containers can be returned to any dining hall participating in M|Dining To Go during open hours. Uneaten food and trash should be disposed of before returning the container.

What do I do with leftovers in my container?

Please dispose of all waste in the appropriate waste bin, including all food waste in a compost container and all plastic wrappers in a landfill container. Please DO NOT rinse out containers in a sink. The containers will be sanitized when they are returned to the dining facility.

Can I get more than one container at a time so I can get more food to-go?

Students can only get one to-go container at a time. A single container can hold up to 2 main entrees and 2 sides. The container must be able to close. Hand-held fruit and portable desserts do not need to be included in the container.

Are to-go meals available during every meal period?

M|Dining To Go is not available during breakfast, but is an option for brunch, lunch, and dinner.

What locations are offering M|Dining To Go?

M|Dining To Go is available seven days a week at East Quad, South Quad, Mosher-Jordan, Bursley, and Twigs for brunch, lunch, and dinner.

Can I opt for a to-go meal and still eat it in the dining hall?

No. Students may not utilize M|Dining To Go and consume a meal inside the dining hall on the same card swipe.

Do I have a certain amount of time before my to-go container is “due” to be returned?

No, however for sanitation reasons we strongly encourage used to-go containers to be returned as soon as possible.

What are my drink options with a to-go meal?

To-go drinks are limited to water, hot tea, coffee, or decaf in a compostable cup.

What type of utensils will I receive with my to-go meal?

We have compostable forks, knives, and spoons available if you need utensils to enjoy your meal. 

Can I share my M|Dining To Go container with a friend or guest?

No. Our M|Dining To Go containers are not transferable to another meal plan holder or guest.