About Us

Michigan Dining is comprised of twelve on-campus cafés and seven markets, seven residential dining halls, a line of Blue to Go foods and the Michigan Catering unit. Our emphasis is on creative, healthy and nutritious foods, international cuisines and sustainability throughout all dining operations.


Michigan Dining leads, feeds and contributes to the education, health and experience of our community, environment and staff.

Consistent Service, Technical Delivery, and Financial Stewardship
Engaged in the Community
Provide a Learning Environment
Student Centeredness

   Clearly Articulate Expectations                           Proactive
  Integrity                                                                   Patience
   Respectful                                                                Listening
            Consistent                                                                Trust Building
Manage Multiple Priorities                                  Flexible
                   Stewardship                                                            Timely Responsive
                      Customer Service                                                    Exceed Expectations
                     Innovate                                                                   Develop Your Team
Enhance the on-campus experience for Michigan students.
Educate students about healthy eating, sustainable dining and foods from global cultures.
Support on-campus meetings, conferences and events with quality services.
Provide employment and out of the classroom learning experience for students.
Impact our community in positive ways.
Provide a respectful, inclusive and developmental workplace for our employees.

  • Smoke is one of the most popular restaurants at award-winning South Quad Dining. It features an authentic wood smoker and regularly serves up mouth-watering BBQ.

    Award-Winning Dining

    Michigan Dining has gained recognition from the National Association of College and University Food Service, winning numerous awards including Gold Awards for East Quad, South Quad and Fireside Café. MDining is also recognized nationally for its innovative online nutrition and allergy management program and its efforts to accommodate students with special dietary needs.

  • The UM Campus Farm provides fresh produce to Michigan Dining locations, meaning student-grown veggies are consumed by students on campus.

    Fresh and Local

    More than 38% of the food used by Michigan Dining is grown or processed in the State of Michigan. We purchase as much as we can from local farmers like the UM Campus Farm, whose student-run farm is just minutes away from Central Campus. You can find local foods by looking for the Local Foods label or other signage in our locations