Student Projects

Michigan Dining welcomes appropriate research and class projects involving Michigan Dining staff or using data about our operations. Michigan Dining does, however, require the following:

  • Privacy and protection of respondents’ rights and confidentiality must be maintained at all times
  • The research or project must not interfere with daily operations or guests’ dining enjoyment
  • The project or research must not present an unreasonable burden to staff
  • The proposed research must be consistent with the values and policies of Michigan Dining, the Institutional Review Board of the Office of the Vice President for Research, the Office of the Vice President for Student Life, and the University of Michigan.
  • All research conducted within or requiring access to Michigan Dining facilities, staff, guests or data must be approved in advance. Michigan Dining may terminate any research or project that has not been approved.

If you are considering a research project involving Michigan Dining, please contact us as soon as possible to find out if your project is likely to be supported.

Application Requirements

All activities conducted by U-M faculty, staff or students that involve research with human subjects as defined by federal regulations are subject to IRB review or exemption. Please visit the website of the Health Sciences and Behavioral Sciences Institutional Review Board for instructions about IRB applications. If your study involves human subjects, you must provide IRB verification of approval or exception to the Michigan Dining Director of Student Engagement at

Student researchers must obtain faculty or advisor approval for the research and review both the U-M Policy on Class Activities and the Introduction to Human Subjects Research Protection: A Guide for Student Investigators.


Once you have secured faculty approval and understand the requirements relating to human subjects research, submit your application.


Inquiries about conducting research involving Michigan Dining should be directed to