Student Projects


Michigan Dining welcomes appropriate research and class projects involving Michigan Dining staff or data about our operations. Here, you can request to work on a project or talk with a staff member from MDining, MDining Sustainability, UMSFP and more. We will do our best to help you with your project or point you in the right direction! Please read through some preliminary guidelines and helpful resources before you start your work with MDining.


  • The project must not interfere with daily operations or guests’ dining enjoyment.
  • The project must not present an unreasonable burden to staff.
  • The project must be consistent with the values and policies of Michigan Dining, the UM Institutional Review Board, and the University of Michigan.

General timeline for student projects

  1. Complete the Project Interest Form to schedule a meeting to tell us about your idea.
  2. Meet with us to discuss your project.
  3. Create a project timeline on the Project Planning Document, which we will share with you. Update it throughout the semester so we can see your progress.
  4. Complete the Follow-Up Survey we will send out at the end of the semester.
  5. Send us your final project – we would love to see it!

Staff members you can meet with

  • Keith Soster – Director of Student Engagement and sustainability enthusiast



For any additional questions, you can contact us at [email protected].