Optional Meal Plan Contract

University of Michigan – Optional Meal Plan Contract



This is an optional meal plan contract with Michigan Dining made between the undersigned and the Regents of the University of Michigan. Michigan Dining agrees to provide you with an optional meal plan.


Optional meal plans are valid from:

08/25/2021 TO 12/20/2021 (7:00 pm)  AND        01/2/2022 TO 04/29/2022 (7:00 pm)


Conditions or Terms

You must have your Mcard and an active meal plan to enter the dining hall. You may not transfer meals, share your meal plan, or loan your Mcard to any other person for the purpose of entering the dining hall. Allowing unauthorized use of meal plan privileges may result in additional charges, cancellation of meal plan privileges without a refund, and referral to the Student Conduct Resolution Process.


Meal plan prices are per term. Unused Dining Dollars and Block Plan meals carry over from the fall term to the winter term only if you retain a winter term meal plan. Otherwise, both expire at the end of the term. All unused Dining Dollars and Block Plan meals expire at the end of the winter term. Failure to participate in the meal plan does not automatically release a student from their contract; a written cancellation must be received by Michigan Dining.


In the event the academic calendar year is modified due to public health concerns, the term for this contract will automatically be modified to align with the modified academic calendar year.



This contract obligates you for the full contract price per term unless your contract is terminated by Michigan Dining. This contract is for a meal plan for the full academic year. Winter term meal plans automatically renew to the same plan you had for the fall term. If you do not change or cancel your meal plan in the time frame allotted you are responsible for full payment under this contract.


Upon reasonable notice, M Dining reserves the right to terminate this contract due to public health emergency needs, including COVID-19. In the event M Dining terminates this contract due to public health concerns, UM will offer fair and reasonable reimbursements for impacted students as appropriate and based on information available at that time.


If you do not enroll in the University for the academic term corresponding to this contract, you may terminate your contract by notifying Michigan Dining in writing by emailing mealplans@umich.edu or visiting dining.umich.edu/cancel-optional-meal-plan.



During the fall and winter terms, you may change your meal plan online one week from the start of each term, until 11:59 pm on September 13, 2021, or 11:59 pm on January 19, 2022, respectively. During the fall term, you may cancel your meal plan by notifying Michigan Dining in writing by emailing mealplans@umich.edu or visiting dining.umich.edu/cancel-optional-meal-plan until 11:59 pm on September 13, 2021.  During the winter term, you may cancel your meal plan by notifying Michigan Dining in writing by emailing mealplans@umich.edu or visiting dining.umich.edu/cancel-optional-meal-plan until 11:59 pm on January 19, 2022. Late requests to cancel a meal plan will not be accommodated.


If canceled during the first two weeks of each term, meal plan refunds are subject to proration. If a meal plan is canceled for the winter term any remaining meals or funds from the fall term are forfeited. Any meals used in the winter term before the cancellation of the winter term meal plan are subject to charge at the single meal rate and will be charged against the refund issued.


Upgrades can be made to your meal plan at any time in the term by notifying Michigan Dining in writing by emailing mealplans@umich.edu as long as your student account is in good standing.




Dining service, including where and how it will be offered to contract holders, is subject to modification to address evolving public health concerns. Each meal plan will involve a block number of meal swipes plus Dining Dollars. For further information on the different plans, please visit:  off-campus-and-apartment-residents

Meals are not provided during some holidays and break periods. Visit dining.umich.edu for more details.


You must comply with all rules, regulations, and policies as applicable to your meal plan, which includes any public health protocols or policies adopted by M-Dining in connection with dining services. Failure to follow these protocols and policies may result in, but is not limited to, restricted access to M-Dining facilities and/or the termination of this contract. Contract holders who have had their contract terminated as a result of misconduct may still be held responsible for all costs under this contract.


If you are under 18 years of age you must agree to your contract online but the agreement also requires a parent or guardian signature. Print or Save the contract and have your parent or guardian sign and return the contract to the Michigan Dining Administration Office.


Parent/Guardian Signature: _____________________________________________  Date: __________