Residence Hall Students – Spring & Summer

If you are living in a residence hall, you can use your meal plan during regular dining hours. When you’re in the dining hall, you can eat as much or as little as you like, whether that’s a hearty, four-course dinner or just a glass of juice and a bagel. Initial meal plan selections are made on your Michigan Housing Contract.


Residential Meal Plan – Spring 2023 & Summer 2023

Unlimited Basic Meal Plan
Dine-In Meals Unlimited
M|Dining To Go Meals 1 meal at a time
Guest Meals 2
Dining Dollars $25
Price per Term $1,306

Basic Plan

This plan is for students who plan to eat virtually all of their meals in the dining halls during regular service hours.


Dining Dollars

These can be used just like cash at more than two dozen locations across campus, including pantries, cafés, and markets located in residence halls, libraries, Palmer Commons, and University Unions buildings. If you run out of Dining Dollars, you can upgrade your meal plan via GET anytime or you can supplement with Blue Bucks.


Feel Better Meals

If you live in a residence hall, your dining hall will provide you with a special meal when you are confined to your room due to illness or injury.

Please place your order at least two hours in advance and arrange for a healthy friend or roommate to pick up your meal at the dining hall. If you want your order to be ready in less than two hours, please call your dining hall to learn if your request can be accommodated.

You may choose up to two entrées. Entrée choices include daily menu options, sandwiches and salads. If you choose an entrée from our daily menu, please have your meal picked up during regular service hours for that meal. Sandwiches and salads may be picked up at any time.

If you suspect the flu and feel you need medical attention, please contact University Health Services.

If you have any questions, please call your Dining Hall Manager. We hope you feel better soon!


What you should know about Meal Plans

What every student should know about Meal Plans:

  • Residence Hall residents are required to have a meal plan for every term in residence.
  • Spring/Summer peal plan prices are listed per term and are billed before the start of each term.
  • You must show your Mcard and have an active meal plan to enter the dining hall.
  • You may not transfer meals, share your meal plan or loan your Mcard to any other person for the purpose of entering the dining hall. Allowing unauthorized use of meal plan privileges may result in additional charges, cancellation of meal plan privileges without a refund, and referral to the Student Conduct Resolution process.
  • You are welcome to eat as much as you like when you are in our dining halls. Carry-out options will be available as well.
  • You can use GET to check your meal plan account balance 24/7.
  • Dining Dollars are renewed each term based on the meal plan you select.
  • If you have both spring and summer term meal plans, your Dining Dollars will roll over from spring to summer term and expire at the end of the summer term.