Carbon Footprint

MDining is aligned with the University’s goals in reaching carbon neutrality, including reducing Scope 2 emissions to net zero by 2025 and Scope 1 emissions to net zero by 2040. 

  • MDining joined the Forward Food pledge to shift dining hall menus toward more plant-based options and proteins and away from red meat.
  • Carbon Neutrality Acceleration Program and MDining collaborate to research reshaping consumers’ food choices in dining halls toward lower carbon footprint options from a psychological outlook. New menu icons launched in January 2023 to help guests navigate menu options by easily identifying items that have a low, medium, or high carbon footprint. To view more click here. 
  • Written into supplier contracts are the identification, reduction, and avoidance of air-freighted foods due to their high carbon footprint. 
  • A low-carbon menu is available for catering events. 
  • Sustainable Mondays: Every Monday our dining halls offer a more sustainable menu that focuses on plant-based proteins, poultry, and fish, and away from red meat. This shift has a huge impact on our carbon footprint, and we’ve seen the carbon footprint of our menus drop by as much as 60% on Mondays compared to other days of the week.