Community Engagement

MDining works to engage all interested community members to participate in implementing inclusive sustainable food initiatives. We work alongside various community and campus organizations to end food insecurity, reduce waste, and engage the community in sustainable food. During the 2022-2023 academic year, MDining played a role in 95 different community sustainability projects, with Maize and Blue Cupboard accounting for 58 of the projects

  • MDining supports the efforts of the MBC, which provides free food as well as household, kitchen, and personal supplies to students on campusĀ 
  • MDining works collaboratively with the UM Sustainable Food Program (UMSFP), which houses the Campus Farm and 13 other student organizations that are focused on building a more sustainable food system in and around campus
  • MDining regularly works alongside the Office of Campus Sustainability and Planet Blue Student Leaders to promote sustainability around campus
  • MDining is an important part of campus celebrations including Earthfest, Campus Wellness Days, and First-Year Student Convocation
  • Alongside the Food Recovery Network, MDining donates food that might otherwise be wasted to community organizations