Sustainable Procurement

MDining strives to partner with vendors in advancing sustainability through comprehensive contract language and to share contract language advances with the community.

Our new contract language standards provide the groundwork for future sustainability standards when communicating with vendors and suppliers in order to provide transparency and more sustainable practices.

Meet Some of Our Sustainable Vendors!

Jamaican Jerk – Jamaican Jerk Pit, a local Ann Arbor joint is one of our local vendors serving fresh eats with a Caribbean-style influence. Check out their lunch combo options if you are in the mood for a quick and delicious lunch featuring flavors from Jamaica, Trinidad, and Tobago.

Anu SushiAnu Sushi serves handmade, delicious and fresh sushi, but that’s not the only quality Anu Sushi can boast. Anu Sushi gives back to the community by using the proceeds from the sushi sales to reduce food and housing insecurity. In fact, Michigan Dining’s purchases of Anu Sushi have provided 13,677 meals, shelter, and supplies for orphans in Myanmar.

El Harissa – MDining is proud to feature El Harissa as one of our visiting vendors in Maizies and Fireside Cafe. El Harissa maintains flavor and culture while also serving up healthy and fresh eats from countries around the world like Morocco, and Greece.

World Centric – If you have ever seen our plastic ware in any of the M Dining facilities, most likely it’s from World Centric. World-Centric supplies compostable products that are made from materials like bamboo fiber and sustainably harvested paper. Next time you drink from an M-Dining plastic cup, remember if it has a World-Centric logo- it’s compostable!