Student Engagement

MDining works to engage all students through classroom projects, student organizations, or personal interests to promote sustainability around campus.

We see dining relationships as collaborative, not transactional, working with students through class work, volunteer work, student organizations, fairs, and employment opportunities.

  • MDining hires student staff as dining service workers, catering support, program staff, baristas, nutritional assistants, marketing interns, sustainability interns, training interns, and more to promote personal and professional development
  • MDining offers engagement opportunities to students who want to work with the food system for a class, make a difference with a student organization, or take on a personal passion project
  • Following Fall 2022, MDining received overwhelmingly positive feedback from follow up survey responses
  • Throughout the entire 2022-2023 school year, MDining engaged over 130 students on 59 different projects from 23 university classes, collaborated with 20 student organizations, provided chef demos for 12 different campus events, led 13 etiquette workshops for 9 different groups, and spoke on 3 different campus panels